Welcome to the DSP Forums. There are some wonderful people here and an amazing amount of talented smokers all ready and willing to share their experiences with you. There is no limit to what we can do together at the DSP!


There is no other website and forum on the internet with so much information about and recipes for Smoking meat, Making Sausage, Making Cheese, Making Yogurt, Baking Bread, Canning, Freezing, Pickling, Dehydrating, Brewing Beer, Making Soda Pop, Square Foot Gardening, Wine Making, Heart Smart Recipes, Diabetic Cooking and General Cooking for your family.


Guests are welcome to come in and look around in most areas but only registered members are allowed to post messages, ask questions and send private messages to each other.It is highly recommend that your register so you can enjoy all the benefits of the website and forum areas. So grab a glass of your favorite beverage and come on in the DSP Forums.



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